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  • Scientists claim they've built an AI that can predict when people die

Scientists claim they've built an AI that can predict when people die

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The pace of mind-boggling breakthroughs in AI is showing no signs of slowing down. A newly published study claims that scientists have made an AI model that can predict a person’s life outcomes, including the rough date that they’ll die.


  • Scientists claim their new AI model can predict life outcomes

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Image source: Canan Dagdeviren

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Scientists claim they’ve built a new AI model that predicts life outcomes such as early death

Could an AI model know more about your life than you do? Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark certainly seem to think so. In a paper published in Nature less than a month ago, the researchers claim that they’ve created an AI model that can predict a broad spectrum of life outcomes, ranging from early mortality to personality nuances.

According to the paper and the press release, the researchers looked at data such as residence, education, income, health and working conditions to predict a person’s life events with high accuracy. Health and labor data from 6 million Danish people was used to conduct the study.

The researchers say that the next step in furthering the research would be to incorporate other types of data, such as images and information about a person’s social connections. The researchers admitted that their findings raised some serious ethical questions.

You can read more about the study here.

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How to convert any file to a new format in ChatGPT

  • Go to ConvertAnything and login with your ChatGPT Plus account.

  • Now upload the document that you want to convert.

  • Prompt ChatGPT to convert the file into your desired format.

  • Download your file by clicking on the download link.

For the example above, I uploaded a PDF doc and converted it into a Word file.

Prompt used: convert this pdf into a word file


Waymo autonomous vehicles outperform humans

Source: Waymo

Self-driving automobile company Waymo recently published a study in which the company claims to demonstrate an 85% reduction in crash rates involving any injury and a 57% reduction in police-reported crash rates over the 7.1 million miles that Waymo drove.

The findings are a steady step in the right direction for driverless cars, which use a combination of sensors and AI algorithms to improve their performance and reduce accidents.

5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

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Flying cars

Source: u/Relevant_Breakfast53 on Reddit


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