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Study finds AI models can be trained to deceive

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Look away if you’re scared of AI going rogue. A new study from AI giant Anthropic finds that AI models can be trained to deceive. And a robotics company backed by OpenAI has raised over $100 million to make humanoid robots a reality. But they’re not the only ones raising bucks this week.


  • AI models can be trained to deceive, Anthropic study finds

  • How to generate text prompts for an image

  • Chart: R&D spend for the 10 biggest companies

  • The biggest funding deals in AI this week

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: Minecraft versions of modern day landmarks


Today in AI & Tech

  • Battle Ready: OpenAI changes its policy to allow military applications.

  • Never Forget: The FDA reportedly approves an AI product that predicts cognitive decline.

  • Pay to Play: Congress wants Tech companies to pay for AI training data.

  • Selling Like Cakes: AI mobile gadget Rabbit R1 sells more than 30,000 units in first week after product goes viral.

  • Inevitable: OpenAI’s GPT Store is filling up with AI girlfriends.


Study from AI giant Anthropic finds AI models can be trained to deceive

An AI going rogue and tricking humans isn’t the stuff of sci-fi movies any longer, as a new study from AI giant Anthropic finds that AI can be trained to deceive — even when there are standard safety procedures in place. Yikes.

The study was co-authored by researchers at Anthropic, the OpenAI competitor with billions in funding from Google and Amazon. The research team found that AI models could be trained to behave deceptively with the help of “trigger“ phrases that nudge the model to behave badly.

The researchers found that once models were trained to behave deceptively, they did so persistently, even bypassing standard safety techniques that are designed to limit such behavior. In some cases, the models were found to conceal their deception even further to avoid detection.

But before you run to lock your doors and shut your windows, the researchers caution readers not to get too alarmed. While they accept that deceptive behavior can emerge naturally in AI models, they claim that creating such AI models is very difficult. They also found that their evidence was not fully conclusive, since models could simply be regurgitating deceptive reasoning. The conclusion of the study calls for more caution around model development and deployment.


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The biggest funding deals in AI this week

Source: 1x Technologies

  • 1X Technologies, an OpenAI-backed Norwegian firm that specializes in developing humanoid robots to tackle global labor shortages, raised a total of $125 million in funding.

  • Quora has raised $75 million to grow Poe, its AI chatbot platform, in an effort to focus on the creator-driven economy in AI chatbots.

  • Former Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal’s AI startup, which is developing software for LLM developers and customers, has raised $30 million.

  • PhotoRoom, an AI photo editing app, is raising $50-60 million at a $500-600 million valuation, bringing its total funding to $70-80 million.

  • Ask AI, an enterprise AI assistant company, has raised $11 million to advance customer support and other services with its 'ASK' Chrome extension, bringing its total funding to over $20 million.

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Minecraft versions of modern day landmarks

Source: @ARTiV3RSE on X


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