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Tesla's shows off AI-powered robots

ALSO: smart glasses, voice clones, and more X drama

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Tesla’s a sneaky one. The company is best known for making electric cars, but with over $1 Billion invested in AI chips, Tesla is now flexing its (robotic) muscle. The company showed off an AI-powered humanoid robot that can do some pretty impressive things.

And the model wars continue, as big updates come flying out of Meta and Microsoft. Expect voice clones, smart glasses, and more.


  • Tesla shows off new AI-powered robot

  • Meta and Microsoft release powerful new models

  • The biggest developments in AI governance and policy

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: The American Dream (according to AI)


Today in AI & Tech

Image source: Reuters

  • Deep Trouble: X’s revenue expected to drop to $2.5 Billion, almost half of what the company did the year before Musk’s purchase.

  • Finally: Midjourney releases Alpha, which lets users generate images over their website. Currently only open to power users.

  • AI Alley: New York state joins IBM and others to invest $10 billion in a semiconductor research facility.

  • New Tricks: Atlassian releases AI features across across Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Management and more.

  • The Year of AI: Dictionary.com names “hallucinate” as its Word of the Year, thanks to AI giving the word new meaning.


Tesla shows off Optimus Gen 2, its AI-powered humanoid robot with delicate hands

Source: Tesla

Tesla has an updated version of its humanoid with hands so delicate that it can handle eggs without breaking them, all thanks to Tesla’s progress in developing software that utilizes a trained neural network (fancy word for AI) to perform basic daily tasks.

While still in prototype, the robot shows an impressive range of movements that look very smooth and lifelike. Tesla says it’s made some key upgrades to the latest version of its Optimus humanoid:

  • New neck and sensors

  • A 30% walk speed boost

  • 10kg weight reduction

  • Faster hands and tactile sensing on fingers for delicate object manipulation

Watch the video below to see Optimus in action:

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Meta and Microsoft are cooking new models, and GPT-4 is back on top with a prompting hack

Meta unveils Audiobox, a new model that generates voice and sound effects

Audiobox is a new research model for audio generation, which can generate voices and sound effects using both voice inputs and text prompts. It can be used for a number of use cases like narration, sound effects and sound editing. Read the paper and test demos here.

Microsoft research claims prompting technique puts GPT-4 back on top in terms of performance

Source: Microsoft

The research claims that applying a prompting technique called Medprompt to GPT-4 increases its performance significantly, and puts it on top of the MMLU once again, a popular benchmark used to test the knowledge and problem solving abilities of AI models. Read the full thing here.

Meta rolls out multimodal features to Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses

The new features will let users ask the glasses questions about their surroundings. The updated features on the model powering the smart glasses could create a rival to GPT-4V, OpenAI’s model that can understand visual inputs. Read more about it here.

Microsoft announces Phi-2, a smaller model that packs a punch

With 2.7 billion parameters, Phi-2 is a considerably small model that could potentially run on devices like smartphones. Microsoft claims that Phi-2 can beat models like Meta’s Llama-2-70B on math and coding. You can find more details here.

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5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Zupyak: Do SEO research and create high-ranking content with AI, without using expensive agencies and contractors. Used by 400,000+ professionals.

AI Assistant: Save time on research, document management, and content generation using AI-powered assistant that remembers your preferences and uses that knowledge to assist you.

PlayPlay (sponsored): AI video assistant to create high-quality videos in seconds. Finally, you can focus on the message, and let AI do the rest. Free for 7 days.

Sixty AI: Runs in the background of your devices, managing all your incoming messages, invites and alerts and only interrupting you when it’s really important.

Envision AI: Summarize hours of customer interviews in minutes. Import, transcribe, and get detailed AI notes of your Zoom calls in under 5 minutes.


The biggest developments in AI governance and policy

EU reaches provisional agreement on AI Act, paving way for landmark law

The EU has secured a provisional deal on the AI Act. This historic piece of legislation intends to establish rules for AI development and usage in the EU, while also addressing ethical and safety issues. Read more →

Microsoft offers politicians protection against deepfakes

Microsoft launched a new program in November 2023 to watermark information created by its AI models, to promote openness and reduce the spread of misinformation. Watermarking technology will aid in the identification of AI-generated information, allowing viewers to differentiate between human-generated and AI-generated material. Read more →

Climate groups to Biden: AI will worsen climate change crisis

Seventeen climate and anti-disinformation organizations wrote an open letter to the White House, voicing their concerns about AI's environmental effect and role in spreading climate disinformation. They called for an executive order requiring tech companies to reveal the energy use of AI. They also call for research on the influence of AI on climate disinformation. Read more →


The American Dream (according to AI)

source: u/hasanahmad on Reddit


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