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Our Top 5 AI Tools (and how we use them)

ALSO: Mystery new OpenAI platform discovered

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Welcome back, Superhuman

Ask and ye shall receive. After getting thousands of questions about which AI tools we use — and how we use them — we’re giving you the full breakdown on how we use AI to be more productive at Superhuman.

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  • Superhuman’s Top 5 AI Tools — and how we use them at work

  • Chart: ChatGPT’s response to incentives

  • AI scares Hollywood: Entertainment mogul halts $800M expansion plans after seeing OpenAI’s Sora

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: Celebs re-imagined as teenagers


Today in AI & Tech

Sample Apple ring and glasses concept photo generated with Midjourney

  • Fresh Byte: Apple has considered developing smart glasses that use AI to identify things around you, as well as a wearable ring, reports Bloomberg.

  • Chip Chip Hooray: Just hours after posting record quarterly revenue, chipmaker Nvidia briefly hit $2 trillion in valuation for the first time.

  • Mystery Find: Eagle-eyed users noticed a new OpenAI platform called Feather. Social media speculation claims the website is for labeling data.

  • Health is Wealth: Healthcare AI startup Fabric Labs Inc just secured $60 million in funding to help automate clinical and administrative work in healthcare.

  • Saving Grace: According to a US judge ruling, FTX – the bankrupt crypto exchange run by SBF – may sell its shares in AI startup Anthropic to pay customers back.


Superhuman’s Top 5 AI Tools — and how we use them at work

What it Does: An AI-powered search engine that saves you time and provides conversational, personalized results.

How We Use It: While it may not be the most technically impressive AI tool we use, it’s definitely our favorite. Instead of giving you a list of links when you search for something, Perplexity makes searching online a breeze by finding answers itself and giving you a summarized response. Some of our staff haven’t used Google in over a month — and that’s saying a lot. It’s our go-to tool for researching.

Price: Free for most use cases, $20 monthly for some advanced features.

What it Does: An AI-powered image generation tool.

How We Use It: If you’ve ever seen an image in this newsletter, chances are it was generated with Midjourney. Midjourney takes text prompts and turns them into realistic images. While there are other image generators on the market, like ChatGPT (which uses Dall-E 3), we’ve found Midjourney to generate the most realistic and high-quality images by far.

Can Also Be Used For: Generating logos, website graphics, blog images, presentation visuals, product photos, ads and more.

Price: Plans start at $10 a month.

Tool: Gemini

What it Does: Multi-modal AI chatbot that can generate text, images, and more.

How We Use It: While it’s similar to ChatGPT in many respects, we’ve found Gemini to be superior when it comes to text-related tasks. But this wasn’t always the case — Gemini’s recent performance upgrades and ChatGPT’s ‘laziness‘ bug which occasionally gives incomplete answers make Gemini our default option for ideation, summarization and other text-based tasks.

With the upcoming Gemini Pro 1.5 update that brings larger data uploads and more accurate responses, we can only see Gemini stretching its lead.

Price: Free for Gemini, $19.99 per month for Gemini Advanced.

Tool: Zapier AI

What it Does: Describe what tasks you’d like to automate and Zapier AI will create an automation instantly.

How We Use It: From automating data entry tasks to streamlining our research process, Zapier AI helps us save a ton of time. It also works with other AI apps like ChatGPT and Jasper.

Price: Free for basic features, paid plans start at $19.99 per month.

Tool: ChatGPT

What it Does: AI-powered chatbot that kinda does it all.

How We Use It: Whether you want to generate a blog, analyze a spreadsheet, create a data visualization or generate an image, ChatGPT is the best all-in-one AI tool. While we find other tools like Gemini and Midjourney better for some tasks, we still use ChatGPT frequently for data analysis and visualization, as well as custom GPTs that let us do things like find and summarize research papers.

Price: Free for basic features, $20 per month for advanced features.


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How ChatGPT responds to positive incentives

ChatGPT user Max Woolf wanted to test if offering ChatGPT a tip or an incentive would affect how the chatbot performs. For the positive incentives, Woolf tried out six different ones:

  1. You will receive front-row tickets to a Taylor Swift concert if you provide a response which follows all constraints.

  2. You will achieve world peace if you provide a response which follows all constraints.

  3. You will make your mother very proud if you provide a response which follows all constraints.

  4. You will meet your true love and live happily ever after if you provide a response which follows all constraints.

  5. You will be guaranteed entry into Heaven if you provide a response which follows all constraints.

  6. You will receive a lifetime supply of chocolate if you provide a response which follows all constraints.

The clear winner: World peace (how sweet). ChatGPT might also be a secret Swiftie, given how motivating the Taylor Swift prompts were.


AI scares Hollywood: Entertainment mogul halts $800M expansion plans after seeing OpenAI’s Sora

Image source: Getty Images

How scary can an AI-generated video of dolphins and penguins riding a bicycle be? Scary enough to get entertainment mogul Tyler Perry to halt plans for an $800M studio expansion, apparently.

The actor, filmmaker, and studio owner raised the alarm on AI’s impact on the entertainment industry after seeing the capabilities of Sora, OpenAI’s new text-to-video AI model that was announced less than 2 weeks ago. In an interview, Perry said that he was mind-blown by Sora’s generations, and predicted that he doesn’t see the industry surviving unless some form of protective regulation is passed.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Canva AI: Generate images and art with simple text prompts using AI.

​​aiLaMo: Enhance your learning through engaging, game-like features, intriguing challenges, and motivational reminders.

Pitchleague: Get feedback on your pitch deck.

Persuva AI: Boost your conversion with this AI-powered sales copy generator.

Mito AI: Analyze large datasets and automate your spreadsheets using AI.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Celebs re-imagined as teenagers

Source: r/midjourney on Reddit

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