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ChatGPT is going to college

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When everyone zigs, Zuck zags. Meta’s CEO reveals his ambitious plan to take on his AI rivals by creating an alternate open-source path to artificial general intelligence — and he’s betting billions on it.


  • Zuck’s bold vision for AGI revealed

  • How to make your own artwork on Fire TV

  • Chart: AI use by real estate agents

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • Friday Laughs: Eggplants

  • AI Generated Images: Life Underground


Today in AI & Tech

Source: Figure

  • Vroom Vroom: BMW is bringing Tesla rival Figure’s autonomous humanoid robots to its only manufacturing plant in the US.

  • Bunny Buddy: Rabbit R1, the orange gadget that’s going viral, will now give you live answers from upcoming search giant Perplexity AI.

  • Certified Fresh: Nonprofit Fairly Trained wants its label on AI companies that have gotten permission to use licensed training data.

  • ChatGPA: Arizona State University becomes the first university to partner with OpenAI, allowing teachers and staff to use ChatGPT Enterprise to enhance learning.

  • Upvote: Reddit is gearing up for an IPO in March at a $10B valuation.


Zuckerberg outlines his bold multi-billion dollar vision to build open-source AGI

Source: Meta

While OpenAI and other tech giants build artificial general intelligence behind a veiled cloak of secrecy, Meta wants to have it all out in the open. Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg laid out his ambitious plans on Instagram Reels yesterday, announcing that the company behind Facebook and WhatsApp wants to pour billions into building an open-source version of AI.

In his two-minute video, Zuckerberg explains Meta’s long-term vision “is to build general intelligence, open source it responsibly, and make it widely available so everyone can benefit.” To do so, he’s got a few things in mind, like bringing Meta’s “two major AI research groups (FAIR and GenAI) closer together and growing both teams.”

Artificial general intelligence - or AGI - refers to highly capable AI that can match or mimic human performance across various tasks. While many tech companies see it as the holy grail of artificial intelligence, critics are uneasy with the risks of building such a highly capable AI. Building an open-source version of AGI theoretically creates a more inclusive and transparent path towards that milestone.

Zuckerberg also wants to continue training LLaMA3 – Meta AI’s long-anticipated open-sourced LLM – before its big launch sometime soon. But all of this computing power needs to come from somewhere. Meta plans on “building massive compute infrastructure,” banking big on Nvidia’s high-end H100 GPU chips. 350,000 of them by the end of the year. Given those sell for $30k-40k a piece, the company could be shelling billions of dollars into this. 

And of course, you can’t have a vision plan without…glasses. When mentioning new devices for AI,  Zuckerberg told his followers that by 2030 “lots of people will talk to AIs frequently throughout the day using smart glasses.” As Apple’s Vision Pro headset goes on sale early next month, another interesting battle in AI-powered wearables may soon unfold.


How to make your own artwork on Fire TV

Source: Amazon

If you’re looking to start a fun project over the weekend or introduce your friends and family to AI in a way that doesn’t require them to have a degree in computer science, try getting a Fire TV stick from Amazon and creating your own AI-generated art pieces. If you have a Fire TV stick:

  • Turn on your Fire TV.

  • Open the Ambient Experience.

  • Give Alexa an imagination-driven prompt, like “Alexa, create a background of a whimsical tiger as an oil painting.”

  • Once different options have been created, pick the one you want to display on the Fire TV screen.


Real Estate is moving in on AI

According to a recent survey by Delta Media Group, 75% of America’s leading real estate brokerages are using AI. That number rises to 80% when it comes to agents using specific AI Tools – especially those that can generate listing descriptions, emails, and social media posts.

5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Modelize AI: Generates custom workflows for your team projects, marketing campaigns, and more.

HeyGen: Produces studio-quality videos with AI-generated avatars and voices.

PopAI: A personal AI assistant that can read any document, draft long articles, suggest coding solutions, or help with data analysis. 

DGM: A web application that simplifies the creation of various diagram types, from initial idea sketches to formal notations like UML and ERD.

PlayPlay: An AI video assistant that helps create engaging videos for social media, ad creative, and more.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any



Breakfast of champions, cooked with AI.

Source: @venturetwins on X


Life Underground

Source: u/MJ_GhostWind on Reddit

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